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Common Core Curriculum

Language Arts
Our language arts curriculum is the thematic based Wonders program. This program focuses on topics of interest to young children, creating opportunities for students to explore language and foster an interest in verbal and written communication. As our students progress, we seek to foster a love of literature and language by exposing students to many genres, which also enhances their comprehension, vocabulary, and higher level reasoning skills. 

Writing skills are developed through daily free-writes, stories, essays, reports, and poetry, utilizing both handwriting and computer word-processing. 

Our newly adopted math program My Math, caters to our students' unique learning styles. Students are able to work independently and in cooperative groups, and have fun playing math games. All grades investigate arithmetic, algebra, and geometry.  Kindergartener's study patterns and the relationships between objects and numbers, and progress into computations. Upper grades learn more about complex relationships, including graphs of functions, probability and calculations involving three-dimensional objects.  Real-life problems and data provide opportunities for the students to analyze, organize, develop strategies, estimate and calculate. 

Social Studies
The IMPACT program blends printed text, digital, and activities-based instructional methods. It provides a complete digital curriculum with online books, videos, assessments, and interactive learning tools – allowing teachers to easily build a lesson, teach the whole class, or assign work to an individual child. It allows teachers to accommodate students’ learning styles, as well as their own teaching preferences and needs.

The Social Studies curriculum covers the following statewide curriculum grade level topics:

Grade K: Here We Go
Grade 1: All Together
Grade 2: People and Places
Grade 3: Communities
Grade 4: California History
Grade 5: History of the United States

Our Science program which focuses on Investigations and Experiments, is a standards based program called “FOSS”. We give the students opportunities to assume the role of scientists, by making observations, asking questions, making predictions, collaborating and communicating with peers, and conducting experiments to test ideas and verify results. Following the active investigations, students apply and reinforce what they have learned through reading and writing. Upper grade students are given the opportunity to show off what they have learned at our yearly Science Fair, held every January. FOSS

English Language Development
ELD is the study of the structures and patterns of English for students learning English as a second language. Burbank Blvd's ELD program has its own curriculum and content standards that focus on English structures and patterns.  Teachers teach 45-60 minutes of explicit English Language Development on a daily basis.